Johor Bahru laughs on Labour Day

Around 2,000 civilians are expected to throng The Zon in Johor Bahru on Labor’s Day in order to participate in the World Laughter Day celebration by the Johor Bahru Happy and Joyous club.

The free-of-charge event, which will start at 7.30 am up until 10 am, will be organized under the theme ‘World Peace through Laughter’.

“I think Johor Bahru is the only place in Malaysia that is celebrating the World Laughter Day,” said the event’s organising chairperson Liza Alip.

“So this is not World Laughter Day celebration at Johor Bahru level, but it is actually a national level celebration.”

A laughter hub

The event, according to the club’s secretary Goh Siew Mei, will attempt to establish Johor Bahru as a ‘laughter hub’ of sorts.

“There are a lot of people out there who are in stress and depression. Having Johor Bahru as a laughter hub can make it a tourist attraction,” said Liza.

“Tourists can come to Johor, laugh all the want, and then go on to have their vacations. As a result, they will be laughing throughout their vacation,” she further quipped.

The event will include laughter contests, where a King and Queen of laughter, and a Prince and Princess of laughter, will be crowned.

The Johor State Tourism Department is co-organizing the event.