Businessman kidnapped at gunpoint at Puteri Wangsa, Ulu Tiram

About fifty people who came for lunch at a restaurant in Taman Puteri Wangsa, Ulu Tiram were petrified, when three masked men walked in to kidnap a customer at gunpoint here yesterday.

In the 1.45pm incident, a regular customer, Lam Seng who has been frequenting the restaurant for ten was happily having a drink with some friends.

Out of a sudden three masked men armed with pistols walk towards him and dragged him away.

The victim put up some resistant but relented later when one of the gunmen fired a warning shot into the air.

The men then dragged the victim into a waiting car parked near the restaurant.

The shocked and dumb struck restaurant owner, Lee Ah Boon said that the incident happen so fast.

In less than three minutes, the gunmen took off together with the victim, he said.

Even that some customers wanted to help the victim but two gunmen started to point their guns at them and warned them not to interfere.

A police team arrived shortly led by Johor Bahru (South) police chief, Zainuddin Yaacob.

When approached to comment on the incident, Zainudin declined.