Restaurant owner fined over swiftlets in Kahang, Kluang

A restaurant-cum-swiftlet operator in Kahang was fined RM500 by the Kluang local council for operating a swiftlet farm on its upper floors.

President of the Kluang local council, Ahmad Ma’in said that no one is being prevented to operate a swiftlet farm but the suitability of the farm location must also be given due consideration and in this case, it’s unacceptable and obviously unhygienic.

“We have been receiving complains about this unhealthy development from the residents and neighbouring shop operators”, he said.

Ahmad said that the swiftlet owner violated the section 70(1) of the local council by-laws renovating a building without the council’s approval and section 133 of the road, drainage and building Act 1974.

The owner of a budget hotel which is situated a few shops away who declined to be named said that, the swiftlet farm has not properly maintained causing health hazard to the residents.

The daily noise coming from the swiftlet farm is also disturbing the peace around the area causing much discomfort to my hotel guests.