Sarawak election: Score own goal (4)

By LC Bulan
Traditional Kenyah beading. With the nearest town over three-hours drive away, farmers sell small quantities of vegetables within the community. A recent agricultural survey found that up to 80 percent of the soil in Asap is unsuitable for cultivation or is too rocky and hard to sustain the traditional crops of the Orang Ulu, and that the quality produce from the vegetable farms in Asap were below the minimum standard of the market.

Traditional dinner of the Orang Ulu. Padi humah is the staple food of the Orang Ulu communities, but harvests have been steadily declining. With no river to fish in or jungle to hunt from, many families in Asap can no longer afford to eat meat everyday. Many have switched to lower quality and less nutritious sources such as canned goods, sago, and monosodium glutamate-heavy starches.