Furniture shop told to refund over undelivered sofa

A furniture shop in Taman Johor Jaya was ordered by the Johor Bahru Tribunal for Consumer Claims to refund RM2,980 to a customer here yesterday.

On January this year, Seow John Hun and his wife went to the shop and bought a new PU sofa set for the Chinese new year celebration in February.

The next day, the shop salesperson called the couple to inform them that they are not able to deliver the ordered sofa set in time for the Chinese new year because their factory has stop receiving order for specially-tailored sofa set due to the new year rush.

The shop salesperson then asked the couple to come to their shop and choose an alternative sofa set to replace the earlier selected sofa set.

After selecting the replacement sofa set, the shop salesperson asked the couple to pay an additional RM400 which the couple refused.

The couple was made to understand the new sofa set, a 1+2+3 seats model is only a temporary loan set.

Tribunal President, Faridah Abraham further ordered that the shop to refund the full amount paid by Seow within fourteen days from judgement date and  to collect back the loaned sofa set from Seow