Letter: Night clubs are the symptom, not the problem

There have been a lot of raids on night clubs, massage parlors and gaming centers lately arresting foreign women who were suspected to be providing illegal prostitution services.

As Wanita Gerakan Deputy Chief and Penang Gerakan Wanita Chief, I am concerned with the trend and its negative implications on the society. These are serious issues that need to be tackled with a long term solution, endless raids is not an ultimate way to put an end to these secret social activities.

In most of the police raiding operation, only the illegal prostitutes were arrested, whilst there is hardly any report on the arrest of the business owners. Business owners should be arrested in order to completely cease such illegal activities.

These foreigners usually find their way into Malaysia via tourist visa or student visa. Immigration office should obtain proof of genuine intention of furthering studies for foreigners who enters Malaysia using student visa and likewise for foreigners entering the country using tourist visa.

The Higher Education Ministry should monitor the various higher learning institutions in Malaysia closely to ensure that the students enrolled in their programs are really studying.

There are institutes which do not bother whether the students whom enrolled in their programs are actually here to study or involved in something else, hence, legal action should be taken against institutes that simply enrolls students and allowing students to be absent from classes or exams.

There are incidences of foreigners entering Malaysia via false marriage. The Registrar of Marriages needs to be extra careful and strict in registering marriages involving foreign brides, this is to ensure the authenticity of the marriage and prevention of abuse of marriage certificate as a means to do crimes in Malaysia.

The least fortunate ones are those who were cheated by human trafficking syndicates
into Malaysia, promising them handsome wages and proper jobs. The latest ranking showed that  Malaysia is at Tier 2 Watch list for human trafficking which indicates that Malaysia is still a haven for human trafficking in the world.

Malaysia could do better to curb human trafficking if the perpetrator behind the whole syndicate could be arrested.For those existing maid employment agencies that are not registered in Malaysia, these agencies ought to be forced to closed.
Likewise, the licence of those registered maid employment agencies should be terminated and the business owner charged in court if ever they were found involved in trafficking foreign women to Malaysia .

Raiding operation will not solve the problem, the business owners of such illegal activities should be arrested and not just the service providers so as to remove the weed from the roots.