Selangor restores public cleansing job to local authorities

The Selangor government has decided to restore the management of public cleansing to its nine local authorities,
leaving only solid waste disposal to private company Alam Flora Sdn Bhd.

Menteri Besar Abdul Khalid Ibrahim said the state government felt that the two tasks of public cleansing and solid waste disposal were too heavy for Alam Flora to handle.

“If Alam Flora is to concentrate only on refuse collection (solid waste disposal), it is easier for us to know (identify) their task,” he told a news conference after attending the monthly meeting of Selangor government

The menteri besar said the state government had received many complaints pertaining to public cleansing, and it was found that Alam Flora served largely as the coordinator and appointed contractors to manage solid waste disposal.

He said the division of tasks did not have any financial implication because the local authorities spent between RM300 million and RM400 million on public cleansing and solid waste disposal.

“We estimate that more than RM200 million will be expended on management of public cleansing,” he said.

Abdul Khalid said the division of the tasks between Alam Flora and the nine local authorities would result in a savings of 10 per cent on the cost of management of public cleansing imposed by Alam Flora.

He also said that the Housing and Local Government Ministry should have effected the takeover of the task from Alam Flora on April 1 in accordance with the legislation approved by parliament, but had yet to do so.

Abdul Khalid said the state government’s decision on the division of the tasks was taken with the advice of the state legal advisor and it did not violate the terms of contract with Alam Flora.

Asked whether the Selangor government intended to eventually terminate the services of Alam Flora, he said there was no such plan.

– Bernama