Johor Bahru City Council to build cycling lanes

In an effort to reduce traffic congestion within the city, the Johor Bahru city council is undertaking a study to create cycling lanes within the city.

City mayor, Mohd Jaffar Awang said that there is a need for such facility in the city area. Beside reducing traffic congestion, cycling is also good for health, he said.

He added that the city hope to incorporate this proposal in its perpetual city programme. However, he lamented that implementing the cycling lanes proposal in the city proper may encounter land issues but the city will still conduct an in-depth study on the matter.

Nonetheless, the council will emphasise the need for such a facility in all new residential housing developments.

Jaffar was speaking at a press conference after officiating the ‘Friends of the Environment’ carnival here yesterday. The theme for the carnival is ‘ Global Warming, Action Now ‘ and it is jointly organised by the state environment department and the city council.

He added that the cycling lanes proposal has been well received by the public.

City dweller, Asrajehan Zahri, 34, said that the proposal to have bicycle lanes in the city is a good one. He said, besides the positive health aspect, it can also reduce traffic congestion and air pollution.

Wan Nazra Wan Hassan, 21, a student shared the same view and added that it can reduce global warming.

Since the “Friends of the Environment’ was launched in Jun 4, 2009, it now has about 6,000 registered members.