A taste of the Sinhala

By Ram Anand Subbarao

Sri Lankan culture very rarely comes into the limelight in Malaysia, and thus the Kelab Sukan DBKL in Brickfields came to life today with a Sinhala and Tamil New Year celebration organised by the Sri Lankan High Commission.

The joint celebration was held in order to foster unity among Sri Lankans currently in Malaysia, a majority of them students, and the migrant population.

Dance, songs, and a host of other sporting activities filled the grounds, which was haven for many Sri Lankans obviously relishing a chance to be in a place where their language was openly spoken, and their culture openly celebrated.

Some 800 people were present, including members of the local Buddhist Maha Vihara association, and Deputy Urban Well-Being and Federal Territories’ Minister M Saravanan and Deputy Foreign Minister A Kohilan Pillay.

Saravanan addressed the audience with a short speech in Sinhalese to a round of applause from the guests, before revealing later that Kohilan had taken pains to teach him the proper pronunciation.

Special Sinhalese food was served.

The Sinhalese New Year is celebrated to mark the end of the harvest season, with games being a major part of the celebrations.