Sarawak election: All results expected to be in by 11pm, Saturday


EC Chairman Abdul Aziz Mohd Yusof said this was based on the current situation and provided nothing extraordinary happens.

He said the EC also expects voter turnout to be higher than the 63.2 percent in 2006 as the election this time had attracted more interest.

“I predict voter turnout to be between 65 and 75 per cent. The parties contesting are very excited this time. Never before in history has there been 213 candidates with 41 of them independents in Sarawak state election,” he told a press conference.

On allegations of phantom voters, Abdul Aziz said this allegation has been raised
every time there was an election but till now had yet to be proven.

“If they come across these voters, please catch them and hand them over to
us. Actually what they mean is Sarawak voters who are living away from their
constituencies returning to vote but are calling them phantom voters because the
locals are not familiar with them,” he said.

He said postal votes would be collected today but counting only done at 5pm
tomorrow in the presence of election agents of the contesting candidates.

Abdul Aziz also reminded candidates that all campaigning must cease at midnight tonight and that they and their agents must observe all polling day regulations.

He reminded voters to come out early as rain was forecast for the afternoon.

– Bernama