Family seeking financial help to save infant son

The family of an 18-day old baby boy from Kampung Layang Layang, Simpang Rengam is earnestly appealing to the public for financial help to enable the baby to live.

The baby, Koh Jun Hao was born in Sultanah Aminah Hospital on March 24 with a displaced heart protruding out from his chest.

The baby now is warded and undergoing medical attention in one of the hospital in Kuala Lumpur.

The father, Koh Guan Siang, 33 from Kedah who works in Singapore as a technician said that he is unable to foot the pre and post operations medical expenses which amount to RM3,000 per month.

He said besides Jun Hao, he has three other children to feed.

According to Koh, his son will be going for a surgery soon to place a specially flown-in skin from United States over his son’s heart to prevent infection from setting in.

He added that, the delicate surgery procedures cannot be done in one single operation but over ten staggered operations.

I am truly grateful that all the surgery expenses will be borne by the hospital special medical assistance fund but I will have to bear the pre and post surgery medical care expenses which include special milk formula powder and other medications, said Koh with a tinge of sadness.

Koh said that he did not informed his wife about Jun Hao’s medical condition as she is suffering from a serious illness after delivering Jun Hao and is currently being treated in the hospital.

Koh was speaking to reporters here during a press conference in the presence of Johor MCA Public Service Bureau chief, Chia Song Cheng.

According to Chia, there are only five such cases in the country and miraculously Jun Hao managed to survive for so long as for the four earlier cases, all could not survive for more than 5 days.