Another ‘scratch and win’ scheme bites the dust


An attractive prize that never was

In another case of ‘scratch & win’, the Tribunal for Consumer Claims President, Faridah Abraham, ordered a company to refund RM14,000 to a 40-year-old woman here recently.

On September 3 last year, Zanariah Wahab was approached by a salesman in a shopping centre to participate in a ‘scratch & win’ contest.

” I was so enticed by the prizes, which supposedly included a Toyota Camry, that I had supposedly won, and after discussing with the family, they went to the company’s office located in Taman Nusa Bestari to redeem the prizes,” she said.

Zanariah said she felt delighted when was given a digital cooker and a magnetic mattress as part of her prizes and without hesitation paid RM3,300 to the company.

She said she was so convinced by the sales talk that she returned to the company’s office on the same day and paid another RM9,800 which was meant for the car insurance and road tax payments.

She said she waited for quite a while for the promised car which never arrived.

She then went to see the company to enquire about the car and to her dismay, was treated shabbily by the staff.

Dissatisfied, she lodged a complaint with the Tribunal for Consumer Claims in February. The Tribunal ruled in her favour recently.