Bodyguard shot dead at point blank in daring heist

Image by dezkate

A bodyguard was shot dead when a female moneychanger was robbed by four men armed with a gun and a parang at Jalan Kuning 2, Taman Pelangi.

The masked robber had fired several shots at the car in which the moneychanger, a friend and the bodyguard were in, killing the bodyguard.

His parang-wielding accomplice then smashed the windscreen and opened the boot, escaping with four bags of money by jumping across a large drain and disappearing towards the main road.

The robbers had used two cars to block the moneychanger’s car, as she was going to a nearby bank to deposit the money. Another car driven by Pontian MIC division chief, Jasbir Singh, was also blocked by the robbers. He and the passengers in his car witnessed four men emerge from the car; one of them who had a gun, then fired a few shots at the moneychanger’s car.

A worker at a cafe, Shiong Chau, 32, heard the shots and the screams but was too scared to help them because the robbers were armed. He said that the victim used to patronise his cafe with his friends.

Johor Bharu South Police Chief, Assistant Commissioner Zainuddin Yaacob, said that both the robber’s cars were reported missing in the Klang Valley.
The robbers are believed to have fled with RM1 million.