Anti-nuclear protests in Klang

by S Arikrishnan

Several Pakatan Rakyat (PR) leaders along with members from NGOs recently held attempted to march against the federal government’s plans to build a nuclear logy in Klang.


Led by Klang MP Charles Santiago, the group of protesters strongly argued against any nuclear plants to be implemented in the state, and were also agitated by the treatment feted out by the police officers.

Police officers soon gathered at the jetty, where the protesters were gathered and ushered the group of protesters to the multi-purpose hall at Port Klang.

“We were threatened that we will be arrested if we persist with out protests there,” said one of the participants.

“We do not want any nuclear plants to be built in the state nor in the country, as we believe it is not safe to do so,” said Charles.

A representative from the PAS Youth of Klang even took a dig at the Middle Ring Road (MRR2) highway while comparing it to the proposed nuclear project.

“They (the government) can’t even build a highway properly, as it has cracks in it, how are we to trust them to build a safe nuclear logy?” he asked.

Nuclear awareness in on the rise in Malaysia of late, especially since a major earthquake struck north-eastern Japan several weeks ago, crippling the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant and sending radiation fears across the nation.