People observing Qing Ming targeted by robbers

Chinese community members whom has been busy preparing and cleaning the graveyard for the upcoming Qing Ming festival has been targeted by the robbers.

In a recent incident, a man managed to fend off parang wielding robbers with a hoe which he brought to clean the cemetery of his relatives.

The Johor Bahru Tiong Hua Association’s cemetery committee chairperson, Lee Chaw Kim advised the public to be extra vigilant when they are in the cemetery area.

He also said those who want to clean the cemetery should not go to the area early morning or late evening.

“This is very dangerous. There was a case three years ago in the area whereby a car was stolen while it was parked in early morning at a remote place in cemetery area,” said Lee.

Meanwhile, Lee also had asked the public to follow the instruction given by the Angkatan Relawan Malaysia (Rela), which has been engaged by the association to ensure smooth traffic flow at the cemetery area.

If anyone encounter any problems in the Johor Jaya, Ngee Heng and Gelang Patah cemetery area which is under the management of Johor Bahru  Tiong-Hua Association cemetery committee, they can call 07-2788 999 for assistance.

The traditional Chinese Qing Ming festival falls on April 5 this year. However, the Chinese community will start paying respect to their ancestors’ grave one or two weeks, before and after, the actual date.