Kelantan Mufti calls on National Fatwa Council to study Poco Poco

Not Poco Poco but looks fun / image by rbborges

The Mufti of Kelantan today suggested that the National Fatwa Council conduct a study on “poco-poco” to determine its
legal validity before deciding whether to ban the line dance popular at social events.

Mohamad Shukri Mohamad said the matter had to be discussed at the federal level because it was a national issue and the states could take the cue from the ruling.

Perak Mufti Harussani Zakaria announced recently that the Perak Fatwa Committee had banned the dance as it contained Christian influences.
Deputy Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department Dr Mashitah Ibrahim said yesterday the dance was a form of exercise and should not be banned nationwide.

Mohamad Shukri told Bernama the state fatwa committee could only apply “fatwa” (edicts) decided by the National Fatwa Council if they involved national issues for the sake of coordination.

He advised Muslims to leave it to the authorities to make a decision and not discuss the issue to the extent of allowing their differences of opinion to cause disunity. 

— Bernama