Batu Pahat Town Council: provide proper garbage bin or get fined


The Batu Pahat Town (MPBP) is getting tough on the business owners who do not provide proper garbage bins on their premises effective today.

The MPBP head, Salahudin Hassan said that those who fail to comply will be fined RM250 and no appeals will be entertained.

Notices have been sent since early last year to all business premises in the administrative area of the council.

He said a proper garbage bin is one with a lid that can prevent stored garbage bags from falling out of the bin.

The councillors have seen garbage bags being thrown along the road and there are also cases where the bags are found hanging behind their premises.

Salahuddin was speaking at a full council meeting here yesterday.

He advised the public that there is no truth to the rumour that free garbage bins will be distributed, and that they should buy their own before the National Solid Waste Management and Cleansing Act comes into effect.

He also advised all residential  property owners to do the same by using proper garbage bins instead of plastic pails or paint containers.