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Money Chat: Episode 1 – Personal Finance Budget
Saving for your future


Video Here: Money Chat: Episode 1 – Personal Finance Budget

Budget Planning SpreadSheet Here :  Money Chat: Episode 1 – Budget Planning Spreadsheet.

Welcome to Money Chat, a brand-new financial show on Komunitikini that will help you s-t-r-e-t-c-h and G R O W your money!

Follow the street-smart and well-qualified financial coach, Carol Yip, who interviews none other than Patrick Teoh in this pilot episode about his relationship with money and answers his questions in return.

But first, some tips on that long-lost or postponed vacation with the most charming couple we’ve seen in a while…

If you can’t wait that long, here is a financial nugget from Yip: limit your spending to 30 percent of your credit card limit. There are also free downloadable worksheets for the budding Warren Buffetts among you!

And here’s a bit of Teohlogy on how we’re spending our money now:

“The mentality in spending money is different for me if you compare it to someone in their 30s,” says Patrick Teoh, whom we meet at his scrumptious Damansara Village restaurant in Imbi, KL.

“We had it easy because our minds are not so conditioned as people’s minds are now. Some in their late 20s or early 30s are constantly assaulted with all sorts of advertising gimmicks. ‘One click here is all you have to do,’ ” he observes.

“All I would say is that things such as credit cards are just a matter of convenience. It is fine if you use it to pay a RM20 meal. But it is not a treasure trove from which you can dig anything out.”