Consumer Complaints Tribunal orders SEB to compensate customer

The Consumer Claims Tribunal today ordered Sarawak Energy Berhad to compensate a couple for defective electricity supply to their house last year.

CCT president Pretam Singh ruled that SEB was responsible for damage of several electrical appliances and inconvenience suffered by complainants T.Komarusamy and Raymond Jeyaraj Noel.

SEB was ordered to pay them RM1,695.40, which it did on the spot.

The complainants had reported an electricity surge in their home in Taman Haji Baki in September last year, causing damage to a water pump, washing machine, home shower and fluorescent tube light in the kitchen amounting to RM1,650.

The complainants also demanded compensation for the inconvenience suffered,including laundry bill and no electricity in the kitchen for 23 days.

They had written to SEB, but their complaint was not entertained.  Pretam later told reporters that public utility companies must be held responsible for losses and inconvenience they caused, and people should be made aware of their rights. — Bernama