Breast cancer victims cheered by laughter master

by Lee Jean

The Breast Cancer Support Group (BCSG) of Johor Bahru recently received a laughter-filled visit from Laughter Yoga Clubs founder Dr Madan Kataria.

The Mumbai-based laughter yoga master, as part of his short trip to Malaysia, visited the centre with his wife Madhuri, where he conducted his famous laughter exercises with breast cancer patients.

“This is an act of spirituality. A spirituality that lifts people’s spirits up,” said BCSG president, Doris Wee.

Madan also spent his time modifying the patients’ daily routines. When they went about plucking grapes as their normal exercise, Madan prompted them to stamp on the grapes they just plucked, causing laughter among the crowd.

“People who suffer from cancer usually feel very down. So laughter yoga is the perfect way to raise your spirits back up,” said Madan after the sessions.

Madan also asked the patients to conduct breast massage.

“It was spot on. One breast, two breasts or no breasts, it does not matter. We are alive and we love our bodies. We can laugh at ourselves,” said Doris.

Madan wrote on the BCSG’s visitors book, leaving behind an encouraging message for the breast cancer patients and those who run the centre.