Fowl thiefs jailed and fined

Johor Bahru Majistrate, Shahid Abdul Malek found 3 offenders including an underage youth guilty as charged for stealing 5 live fowls from a house in Jalan Hujung, Kampong Melayu at 11.30pm on March 15, 2011.

Two of the offenders were jailed for 5 days and fined RM 900. The other 17 years old offender will be charged in the Juvenile court.

According to the charge sheets, the 3 offenders were believed to have come to the said house in a motorcycle carrying a gunny sack with the intention to steal the fowls.

Their attempt was foiled when the fowl’s owner was alerted by the unusual noise at that time.

DPP Tan Poh Vun prosecuted the case. It was mentioned that 2 of the offenders have 4 prior records of the same offence.