Japan Tsunami: Reconsider Sabah coastline projects, urges SEPA

The Sabah Environmental Protection Association (SEPA) has urged the state government to relook all coastline projects following the recent tsunami in Japan.

Its president, Wong Teck Wong Teck, said the tsunami should serve as a lesson for all, including the state government, in that they should be prepared for any eventuality.

He said SEPA was concerned by the government’s move to clear a vast tract of mangrove, which was supposed to cushion tsunami waves, to make way for the palmoil industrial cluster (POIC) on the Lahad Datu coastline.

The state government should not compromise in the matter for the sake of the people, particularly those living in the low-lying coastal areas, he said.

“Anything can happen. That’s why we need to take precautionary measures,” he said.

Wong said SEPA also called on the federal government to freeze the proposed nuclear power plant project in the country and concentrate instead on developing green energy.

“Is it necessary to take the unnecessary risk? This is not only for us but for our future generations,” he said, and called on all the people in Malaysia to unite to oppose any nuclear project.

A 9.0-magnitude earthquake struck Japan on March 11 and triggered a 10-metre high tsunami which caused widespread devastation, crippled a nuclear power plantand sparked fears of a nuclear meltdown.

— Bernama