Kulai: Haven for migrant workers

Take a drive in the mid afternoon to Taman Tropika in Kulai and you will get this uncomfortable feeling that you are driving through a town of a foreign country.

Rows of shop lots in Taman Tropika situated near a wholesale supermarket were found to house some 500 migrant workers who work in factories around the area.

A resident who wanted to be known as Julia said that the presence of such large numbers of migrant workers in one location projects a negative image and affecting the local social environment.

These hostels were found to be located right along the main road where locals go about in the daily life.

The sprouting of these disorganized hostels with rows and rows of windows sticking out with laundries to dry is indeed unsightly for a growing town image like Kulai, said Julia.

She added that every afternoon there will be traffic congestion in the area when large number of migrant workers assembled to start their shift work as they tend to walk in large group.

She urged the relevant authority to look into this matter seriously to find ways to relocate these hostels to a more suitable location to allow the locals to enjoy a more conducive living environment.