Miss Universe Malaysia casting a big hit in Subang

Over 100 women with the dream of becoming Miss Universe Malaysia 2012 turned up at Sunway Pyramid over the weekend to join the competition’s first casting call.

Many came well-prepared with make-up kits and favourite dresses when they arrived at the casting venue, but most only just happened to find out about the opportunity to be labelled the prettiest face on this planet on the day one of the casting call itself.

The prospective talents were taken on a crash course in personal grooming, hairstyle and makeup before they posed on stage to have their photographs taken.


One of last year’s Miss Universe finalists, Sara, sported a yellow spaghetti-string top matched with skinny blue jeans. Sara hosted the event, occasionally coming on stage to share tips on posture and deportment.

One of the talents, Gaayathri Raj, had travelled all the way from Penang for the casting as she didn’t want to miss another chance to be part of the competition.

“Last year I was not able to make it because I went overseas. I was afraid this time around they would not have a casting in Penang so I travelled here,” the 22-year old (right) said.

Raised in a single-parent family, the svelte beauty said her biggest worry when entering pageant is not being able to take care of her siblings.

“Although my family is very supportive, I still feel there is a need for me to fulfill my responsibility as an elder sister,” she told KomunitiKini.

Asked how she would promote Malaysia if she gets to strut her stuff on the international stage, Gaayathri plumped for the food card: Malaysia is a multi-ethnic nation with plenty of great food.

For Irene Khoo, a Miss Universe is someone who is strong and confident in facing impossible tasks.

She said the hardest part of the casting is to pose, as the photographer’s demands are sometimes hard to fulfill.

“But I just would like to try my luck when I am still young,” the red-gowned talent said.

The Miss Universe Malaysia Contest has been reinvented with a new reality show format and a one-year professional training course added to the search for the next all-Malaysian woman.

The next casting will be held at Sarawak Spring Mall in Kuching next week.