Abducted woman assaulted and traumatised

Yuen Mei Kien, 49, a mother of three was robbed, beaten, abducted and was held captive for 2 days before being released yesterday morning.

The incident happened at 6am when she was parking her family car near a fast food outlet in Taman Bukit Indah.

She was waiting to take a lift from her friend to go to work in Singapore where she works as an administrator in a private company.

Relating the incident, she said as she was alighting from her parked car, two men suddenly rushed forward and snatched her car keys and pushed her into the back seat of her car.

Yuen said, the abductors covered her face then strangled her neck, launched a series on punches on her face, tied her up and pushed her into the back seat of the car.

“The more I resist, the more I got assaulted and I have to obey what the abductors say just to protect my own safety” she added.

The abductors then forced her to reveal her ATM card pin numbers and when she refused to do so, she was punch on the face till the whole face was all swollen up especially on her eyes.

She finally relented to reveal her ATM card pin numbers to the abductors and some RM10,000 was withdrawn from her ATM account during the 2 days when she was held captive by the two abductors in a dark room of an unknown vicinity.

She added that, she was also kept in the back seat of the car for ten hours.

During the two days ordeal, she was not given any food or drink. In between sob, she said, the treatment she received was worse than that of a prisoner.

The abductors intended to throw her into a drain as initially planned but on seeing her being so weak, they decided to abandon her by the road side yesterday morning at around 2.30pm at Jalan 1/3 in Taman Bukit Indah.

Yuen was traumatised with the whole incident and appealed to the public to look out for her family car, a Toyota Vios model bearing registration JMA 8713, which was driven away by the abductors.

Meanwhile, Nusajaya OCPD, Abdul Aziz Ahmad confirmed receiving the report and said that the victim also lost RM500 and $1,000 Singapore dollars and a hand-phone besides the car and the RM10,000 taken from her ATM account.

The case will be investigated under Section 392/397 of the penal code for robbery and Section 363 for kidnapping.

He said the police will be recording a statement from the victim and will try to resolve the case as soon as possible.