SOCSO official visits “loyal employee” Radzuan Ismail

Komunitikini highlighted the grievances of Radzuan Ismail, 54, in its March 13 news and was told that a senior official from the Muar SOCSO (social security) office visited him at his home yesterday.

The Muar SOCSO office manager, Jamaluddin said that his department will assist Radzuan by expediting his Ilat pension scheme application as part of SOCSO’s social obligation.

He added that Radzuan is eligible to apply for the Ilat pension scheme as he is below the age 55.

Even though Radzuan had received his RM44,512 compensation from Socso, he is still eligible to apply for the Ilat pension scheme, Jamaluddin said.

However, after Radzuan has received his Ilat pension, he will need to refund the earlier compensation that he had received.

Radzuan can probably make the refund in smaller amount or the refund will be deducted from his pension payment.

Explaining further, Jamaluddin said, under Section 96 of the SOCSO act, employee can only compensated through a lump sum amount or through the Ilat pension scheme.

The department is also offering Radzuan to participate in the ‘Return to Work’ programme which was launched in the state last year.

This is part of a rehabilitation programme that is available to SOCSO covered employees who are incapacitated work due to one’s work related accident.

The programme which includes physio therapy, which will help to rehabilitate victim expedite his/her early return to the work force.

For the ‘Return To Work’ programme to succeed, Jamaluddin said, it requires the close co-operations from various parties which include the worker, the employer, the attending doctor, rehabilitation facilities, NGOs, vocational centre and others.

He concluded by saying that the programme will certainly be very beneficial to the rehabilitated worker and the employer. The most noticeable benefits will be, it allows the rehabilitated worker to have gainful employment enabling the rehabilitated worker to be independent and to be able to support the family again.