Erosions rendering villages hard to access in Sabah

Soil erosion in a rural part is Sabah has basically shrinked what once used to be an active river full of barter trading activities.

The Moyog River, which starts at the southern part of Crooker Range and meanders through the Penampang plain exiting to the South China Sea in Petagas, can hardly fit a small boat in its current situation.

The river was previously used to supply goods to the inhabitants of Moyog, and the erosion has made life difficult for those living in and around the area.

A survey done by Komunitikini revealed that a village in Kg Tanaki, comprising of some eight houses, has been literally divided into two by the massive erosion.

Parts of the small village road were also lost, with a new walking path now being created, even though it could not accommodate vehicles.

The erosion is believed to be affecting many roads and villages along the riparian in Moyog.

A similar form of erosion is currently taking place at the Penampang-Lok Kawi road.

The situation in this road was a minor problem previously, but the lack of action by the authorities has caused the erosion to affect the road, said DAP Moyog Chief Henry Mogindol.

About half of the road is now affected by the erosion, making it narrower and posing greater threats to motorists who are using the road.