Maverick director returns with Bunohan


Set in the rural Kelantan-Thai border village Kampung Bunohan, maverick director Dain Said’s latest offering Bunohan is set to offer what the title promises- violence and killing.

Set to be released at the latter half of 2011, Bunohan, which stars an ensemble star cast of Faizal Hussein, Zahiril Adzmin, Pekin Ibrahim and others, was Dain’s brainchild based on a real character.

“It was inspired by a real character that I know, and I used that character as the basis for my story,” said Dain during the film’s trailer launch recently.

Dain spent part of his childhood growing up in the rusty and rural Kelantan-Thai border, which has been home to violence.

The film tells the story of three brothers- a kick boxer in trouble, a hired assassin, and an opportunistic businessman and their relationship with their father.

Dain also explained that the biggest problem with the shoot was the weather, as he had insisted on shooting the film during the monsoon.

“Monsoon was the perfect setting for the movie, but at that time of shooting we had to face floods and also a cyclone, so it was difficult negotiating through that,” he said.

Dain’s previous movie, the controversial 2007 drama Dukun, is yet to find its way to theatres.

The movie was inspired by the true story of Mona Fandey, a pop singer-turned-shaman who beheaded a politician and was sent to the gallows, claiming during her final moments that she ‘will never die’.

Bunohan is located at the Tumpat district in Kelantan, some 35 kilometers away from the Thai border town Sungai Kolok.