Pathetic sight of Sri Lalang, Mersing public toilets

Picnickers visiting the Sri Lalang beach in Mersing felt ashamed to see the pathetic conditions of the public toilets there.

From the assessment made by Komunitikini, the damaged public toilets amenities have been left untouched for a long period of time.

Broken toilet bowls flooded with human wastes, water pipes leaking , drainage system choked with rubbish and the nauseating scent are just too unbearable for any picnickers.

One visitor to the area, Halimanton Abdullah, 17, said that she is not blaming anyone but just wanted the relevant authority to resolve the problem immediately.

She hoped that the relevant authority will rebuild the drainage system and the public toilets immediately as Mersing is a widely known as a tourist attraction area and the dismayed conditions of the public amenities is very damaging to the image of the town.

Eighteen years old Nazarudin Zainudin shared the same opinion and stronly urged the relevant authority to rebuild the public amenities without further delay.

Meanwhile, the secretary for the Mersing district council, Mohd. Johari Tarmizi said that the council is aware of the problem and the council is in the process of appointing a contractor to repair the damaged amenities soon.