Japan Tsunami: No price hike in food

Shop retailers in the Johor have been advised not to take advantage of the tsunami crisis in Japan and arbitrarily hike prices of daily necessities especially, food items.

The Johor Domestic Trade, Co-operatives and Consumerism director, Che Halim Abdul Rahman  reminded shop retailers not to go for quick profits as the on-going crisis in Japan has no relation whatsoever with the foodstuffs supply situation in the country.

He stressed by saying that our country imports vehicles and industrial products from Japan and not daily necessities like foodstuffs.

Using the recent tsunami crisis in Japan as an excuse for increasing the daily foodstuffs prices is totally illogical and unacceptable.

The public should not be panicky but instead should all pray for the well being of the tsunami victims in Japan and also the safe return of our nationals back to the country.

According to our department data compilation records, there is no indicate of any unusual price hikes of daily foodstuffs in the state and reassure the public not to be unduly worried, said Che Halim.

He said that the last price hike on foodstuff item especially onions several months ago was due the major flood that occurred in the onion producing country.