Jakim urges Muslims not to over-react over offensive YouTube video

Jakim, the Islamic Development Department, urged Muslims not to over-react to the YouTube video which mocked  the call to prayer.

Jakim  director-general Wan Mohamad Sheikh Abd Aziz said the culprit might be someone cheeky who was unaware of Muslim sensitivities.

“On the other hand, if the video is the work of people trying to disrupt harmony in the country, action is necessary,” he told reporters after signing aMemorandum of Understanding with the International Islamic University of Malaysia in Gombak.

Yesterday, the Malaysian Muslim Consumers Association asked the government to take stern action under the Internal Security Act against the person or persons responsible for the video.

Wan Mohamad said that Muslims should be rational in their reaction and avoid going overboard.

“More issues may be played up that will challenge our sensitivities in thefuture. So we must be patient and think rationally,” he added.

– Bernama