Horse riding in Ferringhi: Gone or just hiding?

The Penang state government imposed a ban on horse-riding and quadbike activities in Ferringhi beach since the turn of the year, but horses are reportedly still being used by some businessman at the shores since.

In spite of the ban, which was implemented after a five-week survey resulted in the general public calling for a ban on such activities, horse rides are being made available along the beach for tourists.

Citizen Journalist Imran Hilmy recently tagged along with the Pulau Pinang Municipal Council (MPPP) as they went on their routine to clampdown on such horse riding activities.

It turned out to be a silent day on the beach as no horses showed up at the shores.

When asked, MPPP’s Muntaza Ahmad admitted that the horse riders never show up when MPPP is doing their rounds.

“So far we have not seen such activities on the beach while we are monitoring,” he said.

He admits he does not know whether the horse riders show up at the beach when the MPPP officers are not around.

“I’m not sure whether they show up after we are gone,” he explained.

Several members of the public however had claimed that the horse riders do still show up on the beach, with some even claiming that the horses are hidden from the MPPP officers while they are there.

Watching and keeping guard of the beach areas are apparently a daily routine for the officers.



Imran Hilmy

is born and raised in Penang Island and throughout of his younger days has a knack of lyrics and poem writings.Loves to read on history, politics and religions. He believes that he has a role in making this world a better place through his capacity as a Citizen Journalist in CJ.MY.