UTM Johor’s Indian cultural night makes a comeback


After six years being out of the spotlight, Persatuan Mahasiswa Hindu Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (UTM) made a comeback as they organized a cultural night at UTM Johor recently.

The 1Malaysia Indian Cultural Night 2011, conducted by and for the 200 odd Indian students in the campus, was organized with the aim of raising funds for charity.

All the proceeds from the event were contributed to charity.

Local artists and talented students took to the stage to entertain the crowd, which included Johor Bahru MIC chief S. Balakrishnan.

“There used to be some 600 Indian students in UTM. But now, considering they only have 200 students, they have done a good job in organizing such an event,” he said.

“In this night, you can expect to see some incredible performances, performances that are next to impossible,” touted the PMH resident Girupakaran Sivalingam before the event.

The event, which had a variety of performances ranging from Bharatanatyam to Karate, also had a lucky draw segment for the participants.