Crows ‘invade’ Balau flats in Taman Rinting

Residents staying in the Balau flats in Taman Rinting here are feeling sick and disgusted having to ‘share’ their living environment with the growing crows population in the area.

A flat resident, Zam Kamal,41 who has been staying in the flat for the last 5 years said that the ‘intrusion’ of the crows in to their dwelling area has never been resolved and the situation is getting from bad to worst.

??Crows scavenging for food tears loose the garbage bags thrown in the bins causing the rubbish and wastes being scattered all over the place.

The residents have to bear with nauseating stench generated from waste from the torn garbage bags.

He added that, if such unhealthy environment prolongs, the residents may risk being infected with diseases and even dengue fever.

Zam related to Komunitikini that last year, the local authority did send a team to carry out a crows shooting operation but it was ineffective as most of the crows flew away after hearing the gun shots sound.

He suggested that the local authority should come up with a more effective long term solution to resolve the problem as soon as possible as the residents here do not want to put up with such nuisance.