My Khatulistiwa makes it easy for CSR managers

A local company recently launched a website which makes it easier for companies to fulfil their corporate social responsibility (CSR) requirements.

My Khatulistiwa’s ‘Causes!’ page, which took six months to create, will list down all fundraising and charity projects that are in need of support, whether in cash or in kind.

“We realise there are a lot of companies out there who would like to adopt various causes. If all these causes are listed in one platform, this makes it so much easier for corporate to adopt a cause,” My Khatulistiwa’s chief executive officer, Shyam Priah told Komuntikini.

“At My Khatulistiwa Sdn Bhd, our goal is to provide companies with a list of causes and CSR projects that can be readily made a part of their CSR Roadmap,” she added.

Chief operating officer, Petri Marttinen, added that Causes has been receiving an overwhelming response.

“We are excited. We didn’t expect such a response in such a short time. This proves that the need for such a platform has always been there. We hope companies will come forward and adopt the existing causes rather than starting from scratch,” he said.

“We carry out as much due diligence that we possibly can. A legal agreement will also safeguard the interests of projects’ stakeholders,” Marttinen emphasised.

One of the interesting projects under Causes is a life-skills school for youths.

The school, which has been operational for ten years, has so far produced 62,000 graduates.

The Causes! page is at My Khatulistiwa’s website.