Najib approves RM 83.17mil allocation for Kanowit, Sarawak

Retaining walls costing about RM40 million will be built at several places in the Rajang River to halt the serious erosion at its banks from worsening.

There is erosion at Luking, Nanga Dap, Nanga Semaram and Nanga Ngemah near here, Kanowit MP, Datuk Aaron Dagang said last night.

He said the natural resources and environment ministry would carry out the projects.

“It is part of the total RM83.17 million allocation approved by Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak for Kanowit last week, during our pre-council meeting before the Dewan Rakyat sitting. ”

Another RM40 million would be used to implement the town’s water supply project and the remaining RM3.17 million for power supply.

“All these will be implemented under the Tenth Malaysia Plan. Kanowit folkscan look forward to having better amenities and facilities soon. ”

This is another proof of commitment by Najib towards the rural people and truly reflects his 1Malaysia concept,” he said at the launch of Parti Rakyat Sarawak (PRS) Ngemah service centre here.

PRS information chief Wilson Nyabong Ijang represented his president and state land development minister Datuk Sri James Jemut Masing in launching the service centre.