Taman Nesa communities taught how to blog

Blog Sign

The Taman Nesa DAP branch recently organised a one-day ‘how to blog’ training course for the communities near their office.

The is the first time that such a course was conducted here and the response has been encouraging, said the course trainer, who identified himself as Sam.

He added that the class is limited to 10 participants per training session as he wanted to pay more focus to each participant to ensure all the participants get to understand and fully benefit from the course.

The objective is so that each participant will be able to design his/her blog and start blogging at the end of the course.

Sam reiterated that the main objective for him to conduct such training course is not to make profit but to provide and share his knowledge with the local community.

He said that he had only levied a RM20.00 fee for the one-day training course which also includes some take-away course notes.

He noted that the participants who attended the training course were aged between 30 to 40, knew only basic computing and had no knowledge on blogging.

They however showed great enthusiasm in wanting to learn about blogging, he added.

Having a personal blog not only allows one to express his or her thoughts on certain subjects but could also be used for online business purposes, he said.

In view of the encouraging response from the local community, the Taman Nesa DAP branch has planned to organise the course on a weekly basis.