Angry land owners in Masai cry foul

The 377 residents of Kampung Cahaya Baru are demanding compensation from a company before their land can be developed.

According to the residents, they have already lost faith in the company entrusted to manage the sales and purchase of their land.

The said company has already sold two thousand acres of land belonging to the three hundred seventy-seven residents since 1993 to several developers including selling to the government to build the Senai-Desaru highway.

The three hundred seventy-seven residents, who are also the stakeholders of the said company, were each promised RM1.2 million for selling their land but to date they have only received RM250,000.

The chairperson of the stakeholders action committee, Siti Khalijah Mohammad, said that through a search made at the land office they discovered that a new developer company is in the process of developing the remaining one thousand one hundred thirty-three acres of their land.

She said up till now, they have yet to received the balance payment for the two thousand acres of land that were sold earlier adding that they do not wish to be cheated again this time around.

She urged the developer concern to pay direct to them instead of making payment to the management company if the developer intends to proceed in developing their land when she spoke to reporters in press conference held recently.

Siti Khalijah further added that the stakeholders action committee has also agreed to apply for a court order to stop the developer from developing their affected land if they fail to receive their rightful payment from the developer.

She concluded by saying that they have tried many ways to resolve the balance payment issue and have even resorted to sending memorandums and petitions to our three prime ministers including current prime minister Najib and the Johor mentri besar but to no avail.