Police detain seven in relation city-centre murder

Seven men have been detained to assist in investigations for the case where a scrap metal store worker was stabbed and beaten to death at a well-known supermarket in the city on Sunday.

Kuala Lumpur police chief Zulkifli Abdullah said the seven, all their?20s, were detained separately at various locations in the city including at low-budget hotels.

“I am satisfied with the investigation and we believe with these arrests, the case will be able to be resolved soon,” he told reporters here today.

In the 6.30am incident, the victim, Ahmad Shariff Akbar Shah, 25,?who worked with his brother-in-law at the store in Ampang, was attacked by a? group of suspects.

His female companion, a former tuition teacher aged 30, was seriously injured on her left hand after being slashed and is now in critical condition at the Kuala Lumpur hospital ICU.

– Bernama