Streamyx headache in Lahad Datu continues

Streamyx users in Felda Sahabat, Lahad Datu are upset with the misleading service advice given by TM Lahad Datu’s representative.

Following this the residents are also accusing the TM Lahad Datu of cheating the consumers and exhibiting a non- professional attitude.

Recently, some of the residents who subscribed to TM’s Streamyx internet service found out that the TM’s technicians in Lahad Datu had closed their complaint report without their consent.

A few teachers in Lahad Datu area had filed complaint on a very slow connection, which at times only has a connection speed of less than 50 kbps of the actual 1 Mbps connection which they had subscribed to.

Komunitikini had previously highlighted the Streamyx connection issue in Lahad Datu which has been on-going since November 2010.

“TM should try to solve the problem and give us a dateline of when the problem could be solved, and if needed, tell us what exactly happened and not just give us excuses,” said a teacher who doesn’t want to be identified.

According to the users in Lahad Datu, they had received calls from TM that the slow connection will persist and could only be repaired by the end of April. However, when they did a cross reference through TM 100 help line, no one could verify the service advice.

“I believe the TM representative in Lahad Datu has been cheating me. A few days later, I found out that my complaint report was closed by local technician without my consent”, he added.

Nurhafiz, who teaches in one of secondary schools in Lahad Datu said that he was informed by the customer service personnel at TM 100 that the slow connection problemonly affects areas in Peninsular Malaysia and not Lahad Datu.

“Even the TM 100 operator was shocked of my download speed of 5 kbps when I filed my report,” he added.

The users in Lahad Datu  hopes that TM Streamyx will improve its service and stop giving illogical excuses of why the slow connection persist.