MNS: Put a stop to illegal logging at Ulu Muda forest reserve

The Malaysian Nature Society urge the authorities concerned to put a stop to all illegal and
unsustainable logging in Ulu Muda forest reserve to preserve the vital water catchment and its
rich biodiversity.

The forest reserve has been used by the villagers living in the foot hills of Bukit Enggang to dam up a river to collect water for their daily use. This river is heavily polluted by the logged forest located upstream which rendered the water not usable.

The greater forest reserve of Ulu Muda ie the districts of Padang Terap, Sik, and Baling which
together account for some 162,000 hactares is an important water catchment and is the source
of water for the Muda, Pedu and Ahning lakes which is critical for the double cropping of rice in
the Muda Irrigation Scheme, for domestic and industrial usage in the three states of Kedah,
Perlis and Penang.

The Ulu Muda Rainforest offers spectacular views of green and blue. Photo from WWF Malaysia

Timber extractions licenses have also been given out in the Southern part of the Ulu Muda forests and which are encroaching closer and closer to the three dams. Besides the important water harvesting role of the Ulu Muda forests, the forests are extremely rich in biodiversity of flora and fauna including the megafauna like the Asian Elephant, Malayan Tapir and Leopard. It has potential for eco-tourism such as sport fishing, nature photography, bird watching, etc. which could be developed to derive an alternative revenue source to timber for the state.

Other logging concessions closer to villages were given out for logging in Bukit Enggang, Sik
without any consideration of the impact of people living in the vicinity. Many other logging
concessions were given in smaller parcels in other districts in Kedah away from public view and
which are not monitored for proper timber extraction. Replanting of the logged forests is either
not required or is not done to the prescribed standards.

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