More than RM238,888 worth of prosperity this CNY

This Chinese New Year, MAGGI® is ushering in more happiness and prosperity than ever with its latest ‘MAGGI® Lebih Masak, Lebih Wang Wang’ campaign, along with an all-new limited- edition MAGGI® Imperial Oyster Sauce.

During this campaign, a whopping total of over RM238,888 will be up for grabs, with a Grand Prize of RM38,888 each for three lucky winners through this year’s campaign 50 Weekly Prize winners will also take home ang pao cash prizes worth RM288. To add to the fun, MAGGI® will be giving out unlimited Bonus “Longevity” Prize ang pao cash prizes worth RM188 for every 1,000 valid entries.

“In Chinese, ‘wang wang’ reflects prosperity, and is also translated to mean “money” in Malaysia. Our aim is to give everyone the opportunity to enjoy good fortune and happiness for the Lunar New Year as they stand a chance to win amazing ang pao cash prizes while cooking for their loved ones” said Ms. Geetha Balakrishna, Business Executive Officer of MAGGI®, Nestlé Malaysia.

Reflecting the brand’s commitment to be a partner in one’s culinary journey, MAGGI® has developed nine new recipes featuring nine popular Chinese dishes such as ‘5 Blessings Fish Maw Soup’, ‘Golden Dumpling of Abundance’ and ‘Prosperous Sweet & Sour Pineapple Chicken’.
All these recipes feature the brand’s all-new limited-edition MAGGI® Imperial Oyster Sauce. Made with a unique blend of oyster extract and scallop flavour, this lusciously thick, sweet and salty sauce promises to infuse dishes with superior taste and a distinctive mouth-watering aroma. These latest recipes are available on the MAGGI® website while recipe videos are available on the MAGGI® Youtube channel.

Further adding to the celebrations, MAGGI® is spreading the festive cheer with lion dance performances for 230 retailers across the nation which the public can look forward to. The lion dance is deemed one of China’s oldest cultural arts dating as far back as the Han Dynasty of Ancient China. To catch a lion dance troupe this Chinese New Year, do head over to the MAGGI® website to view the full outlet list of lion dance performances available near you.

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