Woman who tortured kittens apologises after face-off

The angry crowd

More than 30 outraged animal activists today gathered at the groundfloor of DAP Serdang building where a young woman who was caught on camera torturing two kittens was about to apologise to request for a direct meeting with her.

Three of them, comprising of Petpositive representative, Lynn Wong, Malaysian Dogs Deserve Better coordinator, Christine Lai, and animal lover, Cheryl Chong, were allowed to enter the first-floor office for a closed-door meeting after the abuser issued a statement of apology through Serdang assemblyman, Ean Yong Hian Wah, and Member of Parliament, Teo Nie Ching.

The activists told Komunitikini that they were concerned about the brutal torture of two kittens by the abuser and intend to ensure she does not repeat the cruelty.

They also asked why the woman wanted to hurt the kittens.

The closed-door meeting between the activists, the abuser, her mother, and Ean Yong was completed in an hour with some activists finally agreeing to grant her a second chance.

Teo, Chow's mother, Chow and Ean

“She is remorseful and promised not to do it again. Now we expect the authorities to continue with the case,” said Wong.

Lai, on the other hand, has recommended the abuser undergo a counseling session with a good psychiatrist at Universiti of Malaya Medical Centre.

She opined that the girl, whose mother was a subject of domestic violence when she was a child, should not exaggerate her background as an excuse for her cruelty.

“I am also a single mother but my children are not like that. A mother must be able to talk to them, teach them what is right and wrong. Do not just leave your child to school or society,” she added

Abuser: I cannot control my behaviour

Earlier on, the abuser by the name of Chow Xiao Wei, said she was unable to control her emotions and behaviour when committing the abuses.

“I only realise my mistake after watching the video,” she said.

Chow, whose photos have been widely circulated online, admitted that she tortured two kittens and one cat that day.

“Realising the case is serious, my mum accompanied me for a psychiatric treatment a few days ago. My mum is the sole breadwinner of the family after divorcing with my dad,” she said in a statement.

“I hope public can forgive me and give me a second chance to redeem myself. I promise to love and respect every living being from now,” she added.

When asked, Chow said she had never abused any animal prior to this incident and never caused problems at school.

She said she is willing to become a volunteer in animal organisation if she is approached.

Chow has also lodged a police report over the death threats she received via SMS and Facebook messages after the video was posted online recently.

Chow’s mother, who declined to comment when Komunitikini visited her food stall last Friday, said she was very sad and sorry over the matter.

“I hope people will forgive my daughter and not throw their rage on us again,” she said.

Meanwhile, the veterinary service department said Chow can be charged under Section 44 of Animal Act 1953, which carries a penalty of six months or RM200 fine or both.

Its department enforcement assistant, Mohd Zamri Zulkepli, said a member of public is planning to file a report against Chow tomorrow.

Komunitikini on last Thursday highlighted a five-minute video depicting a plump youth flinging, kicking and trampling two kittens that has gone viral on social networking site Facebook.

Facebook users successfully hunted down who they think is the suspect two days ago, who bears a physical resemblance to the person in the video, and possesses the same clothes and cap worn by him or her.