JACTIM Foundation donates RM40,000

The Japanese Chamber of Trade and Industry Malaysia(JACTIM) donated RM40,000 to the Johor Bahru Special Children School (JBSCS) through its JACTIM Foundation. This is the second contribution made by the Foundation.

The school received the first contribution of RM39,000 from the foundation in 2007, said the association’s chairperson, Zaharah Abdul Hamid during the cheque presentation ceremony in the JBSCS here yesterday

She added that the RM40,000 donation will be used for equipping the dental clinic with two dental chairs, two sets of four panel ward screen, storage cupboards and glass wall panel fixtures.

In addition to that, the school will also procure a washer extractor and a tumbler dryer which will be used in the training workshop where the students will be taught laundering skill. After the training the students are then qualified to receive a RM300 monthly handicapped employee allowance by the Social Welfare department.

Zahara reiterated that the involvement of JACTIM Foundation and the public which includes the corporate companies and individuals formed part of the society obligations and responsibilities to assist disabled people to be more independent.

The school also urgently needs a bus of its own to facilitate the movement of the students and teachers to participate in their frequent outdoor activities outside of the school compound. So far, the school has been relying on the Social Welfare department to provide the transportation.

Kenji Kojima, the director-cum-chairman of the International Cultural Exchange and JACTIM Foundation expressed that the Foundation felt fortunate and happy to be able to make some contributions especially to those who are in need.

JACTIM was established in 1983 with the objectives of promoting better understandings and forging closer ties between Japan and Malaysia. In 1994, the JACTIM Foundation was formed to make meaningful contributions to Malaysia cultural, social and education development.

To date JACTIM Foundation has made a total contributions of RM79,000 to JBSCS and hopes that the donations received will be put to good use.