Residents demand better service from Pasir Gudang NRD

Judging from the complaints received by Permas assemblyman, M Munusamy, residents are definitely not pleased with the service provided by the National Registration Department (NRD) branch in Pasir Gudang, Johor.

Earlier this year, NRD Pasir Gudang branch has shifted their office from Kompleks Pusat Bandar to Taman Bukit Dahlia. The shift however has become a headache due to inavailability of public transport in that area.

Many residents suggested that the department to relocate back to Kompleks Pusat Bandar which is well served by public transport with other existing facilities.

Pasir Gudang residents also complaint that they do not even know that the NRD office had shifted to Jalan Sejambak 14, Taman Bukit Dahlia.

M Munusamy said that the NRD office should increase its current staff strength of ten otherwise it will restrict the range of services that can be offered to the public.

Residents who came to the NRD office to change their identity card were feeling dissatisfied with the long waiting time for processing their application. Many have been turned away as the department has imposed a limit to the number of applications processed per day.

Munusamy also urged the public transports companies to look into incorporating Taman Bukit Dahlia as their regular service routes.