Seek clearance before erecting telco towers

Contractors who intend to put up telecommunications tower and repeater stations in Kluang are required to seek clearance either from the member of parliament, assemblyperson, councillor, village head, community leader or the chairman of the resident committee of the particular area before commencing work.

The Kluang Municipal Council WHIP, Ir. M. Arif Kataman said that the ruling is in accordance with the directive from the state committee on local government, public work and amenities in a press conference at the council conference room yesterday.

Arif added that telco contractors will encounter problems when local residents objected to the have the tower or repeater stations erected in their community area which has happened before.

There are sixty-four telecommunications towers on landed area and seventy-three mini towers on building roof-top and in all a total of 173 belonging to the various major telecommunication companies within the Kluang municipality.

Meanwhile, councillor for Taman Delima, Chen Wee Kong commented that Taman Delima do encounter telecommunications problem due to a very poor signal. The matter has not been resolved as the local residents in Taman Delima objected to having telecommunications towers erected within their residential community.

Councillor Chen urged the residents of Taman Delima to support the construction of the towers to enable the community to enjoy better telecommunications signal coverage.