Squirrel smuggling attempt foiled

An attempt to smuggle 200 Sugar Glider squirrels into the country by two Indonesians from Batam, Indonesia was foiled by the Southern Region Maritime Department in Tanjung Penyusup, Pengerang here yesterday.

Picture from Animal World

The passenger boat tried to speed off upon seeing the Maritime department patrol boat but was stopped by a team of five enforcement officers on board the patrol boat.

All the 200 Sugar Glider squirrels contained in nine cages and wrapped in gunny sacks were found on deck the passenger boat.

The two Indonesians, aged 44 and 36 respectively, were detained and the confiscated squirrels were handed over the Johor Veterinary department.

The much sought-after Sugar Glider squirrels originated from New Guinea and Western Australia and is believed to be in great demand in Asia as a pet animal.

The going market price for each squirrel is between RM200 to RM350.