Government wants parents to correct kids’ “wrong perception”

Internet slander and propaganda, which could influence the mindset of young people, could be offset through family mediation, said National Academy of Arts, Culture and Heritage rector, Mohamed Najib Ahmad Dawa.

He told Bernama that as many young people were exposed to the information and communication technology , they might be influenced by ‘unhealthy information’, especially anti-establishment material posted on the internet.

He said, however, parents could correct their children’s misconception of the government as they have a strong influence on them.

“When these young people return home, their parents might correct their wrong perception as the parents have witnessed changes and progress brought by the government to their villages,” he told Bernama today.

Mohamed Najib said this was possible as filial piety was still strong in Malaysian extended families.

“The government has provided facilities for the younger generation and this could restore their confidence in the government,” he said, adding that with adequate information, the younger generation would eventually gauge who could fulfil their needs and aspirations better.
— Bernama