Plan B: A home to salads, pies, burgers, pasta and desserts

If you are a fan of salad, pies, burgers, pasta and dessert, Plan B is the place to be. The extensive menu has a good variety of meat, seafood and they definitely haven’t forgotten about the vegetarians (as long as you like mushrooms!). For duck lovers, there are a couple of choices as well.

Their breakfast selection (which is served till 6pm!) is fantastic and ranges from RM9 – RM24. Everything you could wish for in a continental breakfast is on the menu. They even serve breakfast sides you don’t normally come across such as avocado-feta mash, salmon and chicken cheese sausages (RM3 – RM10).

In the pies and rolls section, I tried a very delicious and distinct tasting Moroccan Lamb Pie (RM20). The filling was slightly dry but the marination was amazing. It is a meal on its own.

If you love salads like I do, this place will be an excellent choice. Plan B takes pride in making their salads (RM15 – RM22) which are absolutely refreshing and crunchy and it’s not just your standard Caesar I am talking about! They’ve even got duck, harissa chicken and soft-shell crab salads.

Many of the main items come with a Plan B side salad which has a lovely sweet and spicy dressing that is made of 7 toasted seeds. Along with that is their in-house four root veggie crisps which is light on the stomach, compared to the good old chips, yet tasty.

There are about 12 choices of burgers/sandwiches (RM10- RM30) and pastas (RM14 – RM22) respectively that you can go gaga over. The pasta comes in quite a generous serve and the burgers are more than filling. The roasted mushroom ciabatta was beautiful. The bread was fresh and big. Even though there wasn’t enough filling, the combination of mushrooms, basil pesto, feta and arugula (salad leaf) was spot on.

If you have to bring along someone who dislikes Western, not to worry, there are a few Asian options.

The dessert (RM10) is a definite must. The Red Velvet cake (chocolate base with a red tint) was just the thing I needed after a big meal. Even with a cream cheese topping it was light and not sickly sweet. However, it was not as moist as I hoped for. There are many more cakes on the list to choose from.

They have a large section on drinks. I couldn’t fit in a cup of coffee but they do seem to be quite proud of its quality. The coffees range from RM5 to RM10 and they have iced ones as well. They haven’t forgotten about you tea lovers and to spoil you even more, they also offer fresh fruit juices, shakes, smoothies and non-alcoholic granitas. For those who like a beer with their burger or wine with their pasta, you have a few options on the menu.

Plan B seems to attract a relatively young crowd from diverse backgrounds. Some customers seem to be discussing serious business whereas others were busy catching up with their friends. The setting ranges from cosy couches to cafe style tables and chairs with an outdoor area for smokers.

It has a very Australian feel to its food which is eclectic and bold yet simple. You will definitely want to return to try out other items.

I hope you enjoy it as much as I did but of course with the right company!

P.S. The owner of Plan B is one of the pioneer owners of Delicious, Benjamin Yong, who now also owns Tea for Two (T42) and Ben’s Kitchen.

Place:                                    PLAN B

Food type:                   Western/Asian

Address:                      Bangsar Village 1, Jalan Telawi 1, Bangsar, Kuala Lumpur

Telephone:                  03 – 2287 2630

Opening hours:          8am – 10.30 p.m.