Abandoned by children, embraced by society

Kamala (not her real name), is a 73-year-old widowed senior citizen, who was left to fend for herself after being abandoned by her seven childrens.

DAP Taman Nesa and Bukit Indah branch members visited and presented her with some money and daily foodstuffs after hearing about Kamala’s plight recently.

She said thats she was overwhelmed by the visit, claiming that outsiders are showing more concern to her plight compared to her own children.

According to her, she has been living with her adopted son who is also a friend of his own son for the past seven months in a rented house.

The neighbourhood has come to know of her predictment and has offered assistance.

“My adopted son also helps out in my expenses while I look after the rented house for him. My life now is more organised and my adopted son treated me well just like how he would treat his own mother,” she said.

“Receiving such kind treatment from outsiders sometimes makes me felt sad because I have stayed with my own children before this and they treated my presence as a burden,” she added.

Meanwhile, chairman of DAP Taman Nesa branch, S Kogilavani said that they have recently referred Kamala’s plight to the Social Welfare department to seek for financial assistance.

She added that their intention is only to help Kamala out of sympathy.

The Social Welfare department said that the department is processing Kamala’s application for financial assistance. Under normal circumstances if an applicant has no dependents, the approval for financial assistance is almost immediate.

Also present during the visit was a representative from DAP Bukit Indah branch, Yee Kong, 54 who expressed sadness about the current society’s attitude, who are prepared to ignore and abandon their parents.